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LaVonna Roth is an internationally known author, keynote speaker and consultant whose passion is bridging neuroscience and education.  She is the author of  Brain-Powered Strategies to Engage ALL Learners which includes a series of Brain-Powered Lessons to Engage All Learners.  Thousands of educators, parents and students have profited from her wealth of practical, applicable and down-to-earth solutions for the most common challenges facing educators today. The strategies she shares are a direct result of years of research, as well as her classroom and consulting experiences. LaVonna facilitates interactive and engaging seminars and has done so across three continents.

As a teacher, LaVonna was recognized as Florida Council Social Studies Teacher of the Year, Hillsborough County Elementary Social Studies Teacher of the Year, Corr Elementary Teacher of the Year and selected by the state of Florida as a Mentor Teacher. Her sessions leave educators motivated and well-prepared to design and deliver engaging and impactful experiences for students!

Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E. – Be Unstoppable!

Designed to serve as either a keynote or a FUNshop (annihilating the experience of a traditional workshop) where participants will experience professional development like never before! Every child, every teacher, and every person in your school is gifted in their own way.  The Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E. experience will teach you how to motivate every individual by finding and fostering these gifts so they can flourish in an environment where there is pride and a belief mindset in their ability and their future.  Students do NOT fit into a box of reading, writing, math, and science.  Let’s blow up the box by asking, “What box?” Instead, let’s focus on the individual child to discover the answers to who they are, what they love and how we can help them maximize their contribution to our world.  Let’s create learning and exploratory environments where students have voice and choice. 

Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E.™ is going to spark  the passion, creativity and energy of your educators as we apply brain research to dramatically increase student engagement!

Get ready for a SHINETASTIC culture shift… As this must be a non-negotiable!

Engage Me… Please! Using Brain-Powered Strategies

It’s time to banish boredom and compliance from our classrooms! Students are immersed in a multi-faceted and fast paced world where gaining their attention and keeping them engaged can be tough . So, how do we do it?… Dynamic instruction that captivates and challenges their brains!

This engaging and interactive workshop, based on LaVonna’s highly sought after book: Brain-Powered Strategies to Engage ALL Learners, will give you the keys you need to unlock the secrets to captivating and engaging the minds of your students.  Restock your toolbox with dynamic, brain-powered strategies that will ensure you reach students with diverse backgrounds, varying emotional needs, and those who are dealing with the challenges of stress and poverty.  Learn how the BRAIN learns… and arm yourself with the strategies you need to dramatically increase student learning in your classroom.

Creating A Brain-Powered Instructional Environment

The world has changed!  Researchers and scientists have made amazing discoveries in understanding the most powerful machine in the world- the brain!  Let’s use these findings to design powerful and engaging learning experiences that empower ALL of our students to be successful learners.  You will leave this workshop understanding what the brain needs to thrive and how to best use this knowledge to create an optimal learning environment where students are both motivated and ready to learn!

Planning with Power

Do you want to create powerful lessons that are aligned to standards? Include rigorous and relevant questions? Allow for checks for understanding and differentiation?  Overwhelmed by the idea of fitting it all in? Let LaVonna help you! With the support of her grade level book series, Brain-Powered Lessons to Engage All Learners, you will learn to use what we know about students’ brains and how they work to design powerful, purposeful, and engaging lessons and assessments that deliver maximum impact for students… all while maintaining sanity for the teacher!

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